NSW Interschools Information

How to Ski / Ride for your School

The Interschools Snowsports Championships are a series of snowsports competitions where students compete for their school as part of a team or an individual in any of our 9 discipline events.

Alpine - Skiers are timed on a modified giant slalom course

Skiercross - Skiers are timed individually on a course including jumps and high-banked turns.  

Freestyle Moguls - Skiers are scored on a bumps/jumps course

Snowboard Giant Slalom - Boarders are timed on a modified giant slalom course

Snowboard Cross - Boarders are timed individually on a course including jumps and high-banked turns.  

Cross Country Freestyle - Raced with skate or classic cross country skis or style with a mass start

Cross Country Relay - 3 Person Relay team only event

Ski Slopestyle – Skiers are scored on a variety of obstacles including jumps, rails and/or other terrain park features (Division 1-3 only).

Snowboard Slopestyle - Snowboarders are scored on a variety of obstacles including jumps, rails and/or other terrain park features (Division 1-3 only).

Who can compete?

Competitors from all ability levels are encouraged to enter, with an emphasis on fun and participation in the initial regional championships. As the competitions move into the State and then the National event, the level of competition and the degree of difficulty increases.

Interschools is a team-based competition for students attending the same school, although individuals can enter when insufficient competitors are not available to form a team (except for the Cross Country Relay which is a team only event). 

Teams and Individuals compete in their school divisions: Division 1 Years 11 & 12, Division 2 Years 9 & 10, Division 3 Years 7 & 8 , Division 4 Years 5 & 6, Division 5 Year 4 and below.

Students can enter Division 6 in Alpine and Skiercross at the NSW/ACT/QLD Championships and the Australian Championships. Division 6 is for students in Kindergarten to Year 2.

Competitors can compete up a division to make a team. However, a primary school competitor can not race in a secondary division. Females can compete in a male team.

The top 3 teams and individuals are awarded in each event, except the Cross Country Relay where only the teams are recognised. The top 5 teams and top 10 individuals from an event are considered for an invitation to the next competition round.

To achieve a team score, teams need to include:

  • 3-4 competitors for Alpine. Fastest 3 times in each run needed to achieve team result.
  • 2-3 competitors for Skiercross, Freestyle Moguls, Snowboard Giant Slalom, Snowboard Cross and Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle. Fastest times/scores in each run needed to achieve team result.
  • 3 competitors for the Cross Country Freestyle and Relay. Aggregate of 3 team member finishes used for Freestyle team place.

Which Regional Championships do I Compete In?

Schools that already compete must continue to compete in the Regional Championships that they have entered. NSW Interschools can endorse a move to another Championships based on a school’s location. Please contact NSW Interschools for a move request.

New families to Interschools are encouraged to contact their school first to determine if they already compete in the Interschools Championships and which Regional Championships they enter.

New schools to Interschools should use the following guide to see which Championships they should compete in. We also encourage new schools to contact NSW Interschools to discuss and check which Regional Championships they should compete in.

Northern NSW & QLD Championships – Central Coast, Central West, Hills District, Hunter, Illawarra, New England, North Coast, Northern Beaches, Northern Suburbs, South-Western Sydney, Southern Highlands, Southern Sydney, Upper North Shore, Western Sydney, QLD, International

Sydney Championships – Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower North Shore

ACT-Southern NSW Championships – Riverina, Illawarra, South Coast, South East, Canberra International schools can compete in the Northern NSW Championships.

Schools can only compete in the one Regional Championships.

All school students must compete in the same Regional Championships.

3 Ways to get your School Involved

1. Talk to your head of sport or other at your school to drum up interest and let them know that you will be participating.

2. Put a story in the School Newsletters about the Championships and requesting additional snow sports enthusiasts.

3.Organise an Information Night. Request an Interschools rep to attend to answer any questions