Westpac NSW & ACT Cross Country Interschools Championships

Event Info - NSW & ACT Cross Country Championships

The Westpac NSW & ACT Cross Country Championships are on Thursday August 24 at the Perisher cross county trails.

Schools enter through the Interschools Online Entry System under the "NSW State Championships" event.

Individuals and Teams can enter the Cross Country Freestyle. Teams of 3 are needed to achieve a Team result in the Cross Country Freestyle. Only teams of 3 can enter the Cross Country Relay.

Cross Country Tents, Generators and Banners Procedures

Nominated dates where tents, generators and banners are permitted are as follows: 4-day Inter-schools periods (19th to 24th August)

If you wish to leave a marquee up overnight approval must be sought from NPWS (as the area may need to be groomed). Contact NPWS Ranger Tim Greville (0428159336).

Generators with badged noise emittance ratings less that 65dB are permitted in daylight, all electrical cords must be tested and tagged and be elevated with sockets waterproofed.

Shelters and other protection for volunteers as well as advertising and signage for events and Nordic Shelter management are approved separately.

Temporary signage / advertising for Parks Eco Pass licence holders are permitted all season but only adjacent to the ski school “Meeting Place” sign. 

Please be aware that NPWS are providing specific concessions for this and that the use of banners and marquees will be monitored.  NPWS reserves the right to remove this concession.

Please view the Tent, Banners and Generators Location Map below:


Cross Country Wax Rule

Schools are reminded of the new waxing rule for this years Interschools Championships.  The rule is designed to encourage a level playing field for competition and aligns with an initiative being adopted by Ski and Snowboard Australia’s National Cross Country Committee for all club and state level Cross Country races.

While the rule will be based on an honour system and peer group review, Event Organisers reserve the right to inspect or test waxing practices in the interest of fairness.

The specific rule is set out below.

14.6 - Only no-fluoro or low-fluoro waxes are to be used for glide waxing (such as Swix LF7, LF8 or LF10), with no high-fluoro waxes or high/pure fluorocarbon coats (liquids, powders, blocks) to be used