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Important Notice on 2018 Rules of Racing

Following a review of our Interschools Rules of Racing, in our upcoming 2018 events it will be compulsory for all competitors to wear either a snowsports jacket or soft shell jacket in all disciplines (except cross country), unless competitors are wearing a race suit in disciplines that allow race suits (Alpine Divisions 1-5 and Snowboard GS Divisions 1-5).

Outerwear such as hoodies, long sleeve shirts and school jerseys will not be permitted on-course when competing. As always, we encourage the wearing of school jerseys and school colours at the Presentation Award Ceremonies.

This rule is being introduced for course and competitor safety reasons, and is in-line with NSW Department of Education school snowsports clothing guidelines.

The full 2018 Rules of Racing will be available on the Interschool’s website in April.

2018 NSW/ACT/QLD Interschools Event Dates and Schedule

CLICK HERE for the 2018 Event Dates and Schedule

In 2018, the following events will be held:

  • Travelplan Ski Northern NSW & QLD Championships - July 10-14 @ Thredbo
  • Travelplan Ski Sydney Championships - July 17-21 @ Perisher
  • Subaru ACT-Southern NSW Championships - July 25-27 @ Perisher
  • Subaru NSW State Championships - August 21-26 @ Thredbo
  • Subaru Australian Championships - September 5-9 @ Perisher

Interschools Handbook 2017

The Interschools Handbook has been updated for 2017. The handbook includes helpful information on what to expect at Interschools events, and information for school coordinators, volunteers, team managers and parents.