Rules of Racing

Cross Country Wax Rule

Schools are reminded of the new waxing rule for this years Interschools Championships.  The rule is designed to encourage a level playing field for competition and aligns with an initiative being adopted by Ski and Snowboard Australia’s National Cross Country Committee for all club and state level Cross Country races.

While the rule will be based on an honour system and peer group review, Event Organisers reserve the right to inspect or test waxing practices in the interest of fairness.

The specific rule is set out below.

14.6 - Only no-fluoro or low-fluoro waxes are to be used for glide waxing (such as Swix LF7, LF8 or LF10), with no high-fluoro waxes or high/pure fluorocarbon coats (liquids, powders, blocks) to be used

2017 Rules of Racing - Addendum due to SBX FIS Event Clash

Addendum to Rule 7.12

At the committee’s discretion, snowboard competitors from the ACT/Southern Regional event that will not be able to compete due to the clash with the SBX ANC in Mt Hotham will be granted permission to compete in the State event as part of a team based on previous results.  The inclusion as a team will only apply to the disciplines of Snowboard X and Snowboard GS.  Competitors who compete in skiing events, ie Alpine GS, Moguls or Skier X, can compete as individuals as per rule 7.12.  

Coordinators must submit competitor’s names and team details to the Interschools committee prior by July 18 for consideration. 

This addendum only applies to the ACT/Southern Regional event and only for 2017.

7.12 The committee may consider applications from individuals who may not have competed at the Regional or State event (due to participation at FIS or other Discipline Calendar event on the day/s), to compete at the State and/or National event as an individual entry only. Times/placings from team individuals in the preceding year will be viewed to determine application outcomes. Competitors who were not able to compete at the Regional or State event due to injury or another commitment will be not be able to compete.

2017 Slopestyle Competition Guide

Download the 2017 Slopestyle Competition guide.

Slopestyle is open to teams and/or individuals from Div 1, 2 and 3 only. 

How to enter: School Coordinators can enter competitors into Slopestyle events in the Subaru NSW State Championships via the online entry system. 

Schools Coordinators Responsibility: Each school coordinator prior to entering a student in the event must deem that the student has the appropriate level of skill and experience to compete. Questions that must be asked by each coordinator to the participant are:

• Can you execute a controlled straight air on a ‘green’ or ‘S’ (Small) category jump?
• Can you execute a controlled 50/50 (snowboard) or straight grind (skier) on a 5metre box?
• Do you have the ability to ride/ ski switch in a controlled way down a blue run?

National Qualification Rule:  The top 10 Individuals only will qualify for the Australian Interschools Championships. 

With all Slopestyle Events, no Championship School points are awarded at State or Australian Events.