Slopestyle Competition Guide

The NSW/ACT/QLD Interschools Slopestyle Championships are on August 22 at Thredbo. Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle is available for teams and individuals in Division 1, 2 and 3 only. 

Download the 2017 Slopestyle Competition guide. The 2018 Slopestyle Competition Guide will be available in May 2018.

How to enter: School Coordinators can enter competitors into Slopestyle events via the online entry system under the event "NSW State Championships".

Schools Coordinators Responsibility: Each school coordinator prior to entering a student in the event must deem that the student has the appropriate level of skill and experience to compete. Questions that must be asked by each coordinator to the participant are:

• Can you execute a controlled straight air on a ‘green’ or ‘S’ (Small) category jump?
• Can you execute a controlled 50/50 (snowboard) or straight grind (skier) on a 5metre box?
• Do you have the ability to ride/ ski switch in a controlled way down a blue run?

National Qualification Rule:  The top 10 Individuals only will qualify for the Australian Interschools Championships. 

With all Slopestyle Events, no Championship School points are awarded at State or Australian Events. Due to scheduling of the Interschools events on August 21, students will not be able to compete in both the Slopestyle and cross country events.