Altitude Lodge

Altitude - The Lodge Smiggins

Altitude is the new name for “The Lodge Smiggin Holes”. The lodge was almost new 35 years ago when a group of like-minded ski enthusiasts jointly funded its purchase to ensure ongoing access to a high-quality family lodge on the snow. Altitude is a full commercial lodge and runs as such with all guests (first-timers, regulars and members) treated as part of the same lodge family. In fact, that inclusiveness is part of the charter under which Altitude operates. 

Altitude prides itself on the comfortable facilities offered to their guests. Unwind in the spa and sauna, relax with pre-dinner drinks and complimentary munchies upstairs while the kids enjoy themselves in the entertainment room or kids play room.  Children have their own meal time and menu then move downstairs where one of our team keeps them entertained while you enjoy a 3-4 course meal.