2017 Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation Scholarships

The Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation (AMASDF) is recognised and commended throughout the snowsports community for its contribution and support of up-and-coming athletes. In the 8 years since the Foundation was established, in honour of Amelia McGuiness, a gifted and talented athlete and student, the committee has awarded $181 960 in Snowsports Scholarships. This has been achieved by the ongoing support of individuals and the business community.

Our committee is dedicated to identifying athletes that have the required attributes to make it as an elite athlete in this highly competitive sport. These decisions are often made with the advice and support of NSW Snowsports Discipline Committees, Head Coaches, and Olympians. These groups have firsthand experience and understanding of the determination, dedication, and sacrifices required for a snowsports athlete travelling the pathway towards representing Australia.

In our eight year of operation, the AMASDF received 40 applications requesting assistance from young athletes from NSW and ACT.

In determining the grant recipients for 2017, the committee reflected upon the individual’s performance levels; the potential for achievement over the next 12 months; and the quality of the application. We identified the athletes deserving our assistance with their record of achievement, dedication to their chosen discipline, and commitment to their overall development.

Overall, the AMASDF have allocated $3,600 to 10 Alpine and Para-athletes; $1,900 to 7 Snowboard athletes; $1,050 to 2 Freestyle athletes, and $1,700 to 3 Cross-Country athletes. In total, AMASDF awarded $8,250.00 to 23 athletes.

The AMASDF would like to thank all those who participated in the Amelia Events, donated to the foundation, and volunteered.

The 2017 Scholarship Holders are:

Ethan Topalovic / Danielle Butt / Flynn Doolan / Sienna Doolan / Hannah Hall / Brayden Jelley / Tina Taylor / Max Vardy / Chelsee Kelley / Bentley Walker-Broose / Emily Champion / Hugh Hinckfuss / Tayisha Smith / Theo Coates / Finn Sadler / Sammie Gaul / Letitia Murphy / Joey Steggall / Duncan Cowan / Zara Gardiner / Millie Rundle / Antonia Murphy / Benjamin Wynn