Altitude - The Lodge Smiggins

Altitude - The Lodge Smiggins is the perfect place to base your school or family groups during the Interschools competitions.
We have a variety of room combinations to suit any group, including the all-important teachers and parents!

With years of experience hosting large school groups,family groups, couples and friends,our dedicated staff are experts at providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere which makes Altitude - The Lodge Smiggins a home away from home.

Most importantly, our chef will ensure that the competitors are well fed after a day of competitive skiing, as well as tantalising the taste buds of the teachers and parents.

Are you looking for a home base for your Interschools team? Maybe you're looking for a place for your school's families to stay together? Or maybe you want everybody to be together in the one place? Whatever your requirements, Altitude - The Lodge Smiggins has the flexibility to provide an experience you're unlikely to forget.

To find out more, email Phil Jacombs, and/or visit the website at