How to Register Volunteers

Volunteer Registration

School Coordinators need to submit volunteer names into the Online Entry System before the close of entries. Schools need to supply 1 volunteer for every 8 entries. School Coordinators assign volunteers to a particular course to volunteer on (eg Division 1 Male Alpine).

Most volunteers prefer to volunteer on a course that they have a child in so that they can volunteer and watch their child compete. This works if there is a team manager and/or parent/guardian who can look after your child, or your child is experienced enough to not need your help for course inspection and their race starts.

Some volunteers prefer to volunteer on a course that their child is not involved in and will volunteer on a day they aren’t competing (eg on a snowboard course when they child is in the ski events).

The earlier you register the volunteers the better, as volunteer positions get filled as there is a quota for each event discipline and you may not necessarily get your first course preference.

You can assign volunteers to the 3 roles of Start Marshall, Gate Keeper and Finish Assistant. This position is not always what you will be assigned to but it does let us know your first preference.


Volunteer Waiver

All volunteers must complete a volunteer waiver. School Coordinators can check who has completed waivers in the online entry system.


Volunteer Roster

Around the same time that the Race Schedule is released (typically 3-5 days before the event starts), the volunteer roster will also be available. Keep an eye out for it on the website. The roster will let you know what course(s) you have been assigned to, what time and location the course will be held and your volunteer role.


Course Officials Guidelines

It is very important that Volunteers understand the various Course Officials positions undertaken at Interschools events before they volunteer. We recommend that all Volunteers read the Course Official Guidelines.


If you have any queries about volunteers, please contact Wendy on 0422 240 483 or