National Event & National Rules Developments

National Event Directions: The NIC has determined to continue to develop the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships as an Aspirational event aligned with the sport pathway. During 2019, through a range of stake-holder consultation opportunities at the Sport, School, and Snowsports community level, the National Interschools Committee and the National Participation Committee (NPC) will develop a National Interschools Working Paper on: Rules / Event Scheduling / Teams Selection / Quality Events. The National Participation Conference in November will finalise adoption of the recommendations of the working paper.

  • National Rules: A National Rules Committee consisting of 10 representatives from the NSW / VIC / ACT State Interschools Committees (4), SSA (2) and the Resorts (4), will develop consistent AUS Interschools rules for implementation in 2020.
  • National Event Schedule: The NIC will review the 2018 & 2019 AUS Event Schedule, with an objective to develop a consistent AUS Event schedule for implementation in 2020. This will include a focus on minimising the number of days out of school for Division 1 competitors, minimising the number of days in attendance per division, avoiding event clashes where possible/practical, introducing twilight event scheduling to maintain the current 5-day program.
  • Team Selections: The NIC supports the view that building and developing a Team culture (both the individual small team and the specific larger school team culture) at participating schools is at the very foundation, the fabric of what Interschools Snowsports competition is all about. Accordingly, the current requirements of schools to nominate and select their participating teams will be supported through the development of a Teams Selection information document that will endeavour to support all school coordinators in their critical and key roles to create a competitive, cohesive and successful Snowsports team culture within their schools. We are in discussion with a number of schools across a range of states in the development of a best practice team selection document, which we will share with school coordinators in a variety of school settings.
  • Quality Events: The NIC Rules Committee will examine the alignment of National Interschools event course specifications, with SSA events for the same/similar age-group. The NIC will also look to develop competition-level appropriate Regional and State Event course specifications.