New Boundaries for the Regional Championships

In 2019, Interschools had almost a 10% growth in entries for the Northern NSW & QLD Champs, reaching 3,000 entries (from 2,720 in 2018). This is in comparison to the Sydney Championships, where there were 2,300 entries and little growth from the previous years. The Regional Championships will run efficiently and fairer if the entry numbers are similar between these Championships. Measures were taken to reduce the entries of the Northern NSW & QLD Championships, One measure was to move schools in the Sutherland and St George region in Sydney to permanently compete in the Sydney Championships. All schools from these areas that participated in 2019 were requested to move Championships in 2020 via their school coordinator. 

New schools to Interschools in 2020 and the future that are in the Sutherland and St George region in Sydney will also need to compete in the Sydney Championships. 

Interschools also requested a move to certain schools that are in the Sydney Entry Boundary but have been competing at the Northern NSW Championships. 

The following are the region boundaries for the Regional Championships:

  • Northern NSW & QLD Championships – Central Coast, Central West, Hills District, Hunter, New England, North Coast, Northern Beaches, Northern Suburbs, Upper North Shore, South-Western Sydney, Southern Highlands, Western Sydney, QLD
  • Sydney Championships – Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower North Shore, Sutherland and St George Area.
  • ACT-Southern NSW Championships – Riverina, Illawarra, South Coast, South East, Canberra 

We also encourage new schools to contact Interschools to discuss and check which Regional Championships they should compete in.

All participants from a school must compete in the same Regional Championships.

International schools can compete, please get in touch with Interschools to declare your intention to compete.