Snow Australia Interschools Update - June 12

The Interschools Snowsports community will be excited by the recent announcements that Ski Resorts across the country will be opening toward the end of June.  The delayed opening is designed to allow Resorts to prepare service and operational practices that comply with the respective government’s Covid-19 restrictions.

Snow Australia is respectful of the industry’s primary goal of delivering a safe recreational experience for its customers.  At the same time, we are in constant communication regarding the opportunity for competitive sport, including Interschool Snowsports.

While delaying decisions regarding the framework and format of Interschools might limit the number of changes, Snow Australia has decided to announce some modifications to provide greater certainty to participating schools, students, and families, during the coming weeks. 

Snow Australia hopes that this and future announcements will assist schools and students to maintain an involvement in Snowsports. These modifications will only apply for the 2020 season. 

Accordingly, Snow Australia provides the following immediate advice.

  • There will be only two Interschools Snowsports Competitions.  One in New South Wales at Perisher.  One in Victoria at Mt Buller.
  • There will be no National Championships.
  • Perisher will host:
    • Cross Country on Sunday 6th September (Primary Events) and Saturday 12th September (Secondary Events); and
    • all other events between Sunday 6th and Friday 11th September.
  • Mt Buller will host:
  • Cross Country on Sunday 9th August; and
  • all other events between Monday 24th and Sunday 30th August.

Please expect further communications specific to each of the Perisher and Mt Buller Snow Australia Interschools Championships next week. This will include developing Event details and Event-entry guidelines specific to each of the Events, currently in discussion with both Resorts and the respective State and National Interschool Snowsports Committees.