Volunteer Tips

The biggest tip is to be prepared for all weather conditions. Make sure you have clothing options for all conditions – sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, spare gloves, and extra clothing for those rainy days! A poncho is your best friend on a “wet snow” day!

Gatekeepers can be the most exposed to the elements and will be standing or sitting down for the duration of the course. You will be required to write notes in this position so please bring either inner gloves or similar that you can write with. Bring a square of cardboard to stand on, as this will keep your feet dry!

Bring a backpack so that you can put the items in that you receive at the Race Office to perform your role.

Please leave the video recording to another person as you wont be able to film, take photos and perform your volunteer role.

Have fun! You will meet some great people volunteering and gatekeepers get to watch the participants on the course from the best position!