Volunteering FAQ

What Happens if I can no longer Volunteer?

In the event that you cannot fulfill your volunteer course official’s position please make an attempt to replace yourself with another person from your school. If you find a replacement, please make sure that they are either aware of what duties they are fulfilling as course official or that they have read the course official guidelines. If you are not able to find a replacement for yourself, please let Interschools know as soon as possible. 


How long do I Volunteer for?

Volunteers are required to be on course 10 minutes before the course inspection time until all competitors on the course have finished their race. It is difficult to estimate how long a course takes to complete as it is determined by the number of competitors on the course, snow conditions, etc but it can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours.

Do I need to ski/snowboard to be able to volunteer?

Yes. Most volunteer roles require you to ski or snowboard to the course and most volunteers need to meet at the top of the course.