What to do on the day you are volunteering - Check in and Lift Ticket Collection

Volunteer Course Officials Lift Ticket Collection

Volunteers are entitled to a free of charge lift ticket on the day they are volunteering.  The Course Official can only recieve this lift ticket if they do not already have a lift pass or season pass.

Lift tickets are collected directly at the Interschools Race Office at the resort.

  • Perisher – The Interschools Race Office is in the Perisher Skitube Terminal. A temporary Race Office is set up in the Blue Cow Bistro for any courses at Blue Cow or Guthega. If you are travelling from Bullocks Flat, approach a Perisher representative at the train entrance who will let you train, you can then collect your full day lift ticket (with return train ticket) from the Interschools Race Office at Perisher.
  • Thredbo – The Race Office is located outside at Friday Flat.


Volunteer Check In

Volunteer Course Officials must check into the Interschools Race Office at the resort at least 30 minutes prior to the course inspection time. Volunteers are required at the top of each course 10 minutes prior to the stated course inspection time.

When you check in you will be given a folder, official’s vest and an option to take a bottle of water and snack pack. Please bring a backpack to put these in. After you have finished your volunteer duties on course you will need to make sure that the folder and vest is returned to the Interschools race office. 

You will be advised on where you need to go once you have reached your course and who you need to check in with. Start Marshall’s report to the Start Referee at the top of the course. Gatekeepers check in with the Chief of Gates at the top of the course. The Chief of Gates will allocate you the gates you will be judging and show you where you need to be positioned on the course. Finish Assistants can proceed to the finish area and check in with the Finish Referee.

If you have any questions on how to perform your role, the referee you check in with at your course will be able to answer them for you.