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School Coordinator Check List before Online Entries close in 1 week

Online Entries for all three Regional Championships (Northern NSW & QLD, Sydney and ACT-Southern NSW) close in one week (10.00pm Wed June 27). 

School Coordinators, please ensure that you complete the following steps before entries close:


Online Entries

1. Student Entries are completed correctly. Make sure students are entered into their correct event(s), division & gender. For students in teams, make sure that there is a student in each team place (team has members in place 1,2,3,etc). 

2. Team Managers are assigned to their race(s). To do this, go to the 'Team Manager' menu tab, add a team manager and assign them to a team on the 'Teams' page. Team Managers can manage more than one team. Team Manager should not also be volunteer course official. Team Managers are entitled to a lift ticket on the day they are managing a team at the resort child rate day price.

Click on the 'Team List' menu tab to see if you have a team manager to every team. Teams with one individual can / should also have a team manager assigned to them. Only names that appear on this page will be entitled to a discounted lift ticket during the Interschools competition. 


Snowracer SnowID

On the Participants page of the Online Entry System, make sure that all participants that are entered into events, have been assigned a SnowID. All participants entered in the Interschools Championships must be registered with Snowracer. All new participants to Interschools will need to register directly on the Snowracer Website. When participants have signed up for Snowracer you will be allocated a SnowID. A SnowID will match against a participants name in the Online Entry System when there is a match of the participants DOB and email address they used to register with Snowracer. If a SnowID does not appear, you will need to check these details.


Online Waiver Forms

Every participant and volunteer course official must complete an online waiver formWaiver forms are due by June 29. Waivers must be completed by a parent or guardian if the participant is under 18 years of age. 

School Coordinators can view a list of students that have completed a waiver in the online entry system in the 'Waivers' menu.


Volunteer Course Officials

For every 8 entries that a school enters, they must supply one volunteer course official. Volunteers are needed to provide a safe and fair competition and course officials will receive a Free of Charge Lift ticket for the day they are rostered on. 

Go to the "Volunteers" tab to see if your school needs to supply volunteers and register volunteer names and indicate the courses and position that they are able to volunteer on. Volunteers must be assigned before entries close and must complete a volunteer waiver.


School Payment

School Payment is due by July 3. School Coordinators can download their tax invoice in the online entry system under the 'invoice' menu tab. There are 3 payment types: direct deposit, B Pay or cheque, details of which are on the Tax Invoice. There must be only one payment on behalf of the school entry. The principal for the school must sign the tax invoice and they then must be emailed or sent to NSW Interschools, along with a cheque of receipt of the payment.

Red Energy Joins the NSW Snowsports Interschools Family!

The NSW Snowsports Interschools is delighted to announce Red Energy as a major partner starting this season!

Red Energy has been a long time partner of the NSW snow resorts and has now joined the Interschools family.

‘’Without the support of our sponsors, we cannot continue with the development of our children through our snowsports events and activities. So, we thank Red Energy for getting on-board and we encourage you to consider Red Energy,’’ said Steve Cooper, Chair NSW Snowsports Interschools.

Red is owned by the mighty Snowy Hydro and is 100% Australian - that’s real Aussie energy! They have won numerous customer service awards and an Australian based call centre - so you’ll always speak to a friendly voice.

To find out more about Red Energy and how to put your power behind a 100% Australian owned company visit or call 131 806 and speak to a friendly team member today.



In May 2018, it was also announced that Winter Olympic Moguls Silver Medallist, and World Cup winner Matt Graham joined the Red Energy team of ambassadors.

This winter, Matt will be seen on the ski slopes in the Snowy Mountains at NSW Snowsports Interschools events on behalf of Red Energy and also skiing with the lucky winners of Red’s snow holiday promotion.

Online Entries close June 27

Online Entries for the following Interschools events are open for the following events and close June 27:

  • Travelplan Ski Northern NSW & QLD Interschools Snowsports Championships
  • Travelplan Ski Sydney Interschools Snowsports Championships
  • Subaru ACT-Southern NSW Interschools Snowsports Championships

School entries are completed online by the School Coordinator, who will have a login for the entry system. Your username is your email address. If you have misplaced your password, you can retrieve it on the entry system home page. 


We highly recommend that you use Google Chrome as your web browser when registering and completing your school entries. You may experience difficulties If you do not use Google Chrome as your web browser. Click Here to download Google Chrome for Free 

For help completing your entries, please read the online entry guidelines within the Interschools Handbook.


Are you a New School Coordinator?

If your school has previously entered the Interschools Championships and you are taking over the School Coordinator role in 2018; get a login for the Online Entry System by either;

  1. Asking the previous school coordinator to login to the Online Entry System and update the School Details tab with the new school coordinators email address. They can either set a new password for you or you can click 'Retrieve Password' on the login page to the Online Entry System to set a new password yourself. 
  2. Email NSW Interschools at to update the login. You must then login and update the temporary password you are given. Please update your details on the School Details tab in the Online Entry System. Ensuring that the School Details page is updated allows school coordinators to be sent SMS updates during the Championships and Interschools can contact the correct coordinator for any queries with your entries, etc.

If your school has not previously entered in the Interschools Championships you will need to register the school for the Online Entry System home page (click "register"). Please check with NSW Interschools if your school is registered for the Online Entry System before registering the school as there cannot be multiple school registrations by emailing 

Snowracer and SnowID

There is one change to the Online Entry System this year involving participants Snowracer Registration and SnowID.

It is a condition of entry that all participants are registered with Snowracer (you only need to do this once…ever!!). When you have signed up for Snowracer you will be allocated a SnowID.

Only participants new to the Interschools Championships in 2018 will need to register with Snowracer to secure a SnowID.

If you competed in the last few years, you would have already registered with Snowracer either directly through the Snowracer website or as part of the NSW/ACT/QLD participant waiver form.

From 2018, Snowracer registration is no longer available through the Interschools participant waiver. Instead – all new participants to Interschools will need to register directly on the Snowracer Website.

Registration with Snowracer is free of charge and has the following benefits.

Snowracer Insurance - FREE insurance cover while competing in Australia. This insurance is for non-medical expenses to the value of $500 and covers items such as refunds for your entry fee and lift tickets, lost accommodation or car repatriation. More details regarding the policy is available here.

SnowID - Your SnowID is your unique identifier should you register for any events, make an insurance claim or upgrade your registration with Ski & Snowboard Australia.

On many Interschools courses, there is a live timing system that is available for all to see on the Snowracer website. Where an event is run using the live timing system, all competitors registered with a SnowID will appear in the results. Please note, that after an event is held, Interschools official results with all participants will be published on the Interschools website.


It is the participants (or their parents) responsibility to make sure that you have a Snowracer Registration before entering Interschools events. Please forward the email registration confirmation you receive from Snowracer to your school coordinator so that they have the correct information to complete your Interschools entries. 

If you have a Snowracer Registration, keep your contact details up to date. You can do this at any time, by logging into the Snowracer website. Your email address you used to register for Snowracer must match the email address you supply to your school coordinator.

If you are unsure of whether you have a Snowracer Registration and/or SnowID, you can use the SnowID look up.

Donna Baker awarded Order of Australia

Tue, 2018-06-12 11:52

Donna Baker, co-founder of the NSW Interschoosl Championships, has been recognised in this year's Queen's Birthday honours list. In the Australian honours system appointments to the Order of Australia confer the highest recognition for outstanding achievement and service.

Donna, now officially Donna Baker OAM, is recognised for her service to sport over many years. 

Donna has been involved in Interschools since 1987 when she co-founded the Championships. Donna is the current Events Manager for the Championships. Along with snowsports, Donna is involved in many other sports and organising committees, including Catholic Girls Secondary Schools Sports Association and Northern Suburbs Netball Association

The award is very well deserved we are thankful for Donna's contribution to Interschools and introducing thousands of young athletes to the sport. 

Multiclass event information for all schools

The Multiclass event hosted at the NSW State Interschools Championships is an opportunity for students from any school in NSW/ACT/QLD with a physical or intellectual impairment to participate in a fun and welcoming environment. Please click here for more information on the Multiclass program.

In 2018 for the first time NSW, ACT, QLD and Victorian Interschools Multiclass participants will qualify to attend the National Interschools at Perisher on Saturday the 8th of September.

2018 Rules of Racing

The Interschools Rules of Racing have been updated for the 2018 season. The changes are highlighted in blue bold print.  Please familiarise yourself with the Rules of Racing before your competition.

2018 Interschools Rules of Racing

Here is a list of Rule Changes for 2018:

  • 1.8 - Entry fees increased from $45 per event, per competitor to $47. $30 registration fee remains the same.  For individuals that do not compete at the Regional level and join for the first time at the NSW State Champs (XC or Slopestyle events) the school will be invoiced their registration fees.
  • 1.4 - All volunteers must be 19 years or older and cannot be enrolled at school (High School, College)
  • 1.10 - If payment for entry fees is not received by NSW Interschools prior to bib collection, a purchase order from the school must be provided.
  • 1.14 -  School students from all ability levels are encouraged to enter, with an emphasis on fun and participation in the initial Regional Championships.  As the competitions move into the NSW State and Australian event, the level of competition and the degree of difficulty increases.  It is advised that all competitors must be able to execute linked turns and ride a chairlift/T-bar confidently, prior to competing in Regional Level events.
  • 2.13 – Concussion must be taken seriously to safeguard the long-term welfare of all competitors.  All cases of concussion must be reported to the NSW & ACT Interschools Committee immediately.  Competitors suspected of concussion must be removed from snow and may not resume competition on the same day.  Any competitor suspected of concussion must be thoroughly assessed and monitored by a healthcare professional.  Competitors with concussion must progress through a Graded Return to Sports (GRTS) protocol.  Competitors must receive medical clearance before returning to sport.  For further information, please refer to the Ski & Snowboard Australia concussion Policy and Guidelines.
  • 5.12 – No race bibs are to be discarded on course or on the mountain.  If race bibs are found, they can be identified, and those competitors will be asked to donate $50 to the Kosciuszko National Parks & Wildlife Service.
  • 7.14 – From the State Slopestyle Championships, up to the top fifteen individual competitors from Division’s 1-3, having received a minimum acceptable score, will be eligible to compete in the Australian Interschools Championships.  There are no team invites.  For State Slopestyle competitors a minimum acceptable score (for National Championship progression) will be determined by the Interschools Committee following completion of each event, and before invitations are extended to the National level of competition.  Historically this has been a score which is a minimum 45% of the total attainable score (45/100) and is often as high as 55% of the total attainable score (55/100).  The minimum progression score determined by the Interschools Committee reflects the Championship Division level (competitor age), the course conditions, and the skill-level and quality of the athlete field. No National Championship points will be awarded to Slopestyle event results and only individual medals will be awarded at the National Event.
  • 8.2 – Volunteers who fail to check in at the event registration desk or fail to report to the top of the course after checking into the registration desk, the school will be penalised $110 per official.
  • 8.11 – Interschools requests that Gate judges are not accompanied by smaller children whilst on course.


  • All competitors must wear an approved snowsports helmet.  Other protective wear is recommended but is not compulsory.
  • Alpine Race Suits are permitted in Divisions 1 – 5 only.  No Race Suits are permitted in Division 6
  • Competitors must wear either a snowsports jacket and pants, or soft-shell jacket and pants, unless competitors are wearing a race suit, when competing in their timed runs.  Outerwear such as hoodies, long sleeve shirts, school jerseys and track-suit pants will not be permitted on-course when competing and/or training. This rule is being introduced for course and competitor safety reasons, and is in-line with NSW Department of Education school snowsports clothing guidelines.  Failure to wear the correct and approved race clothing will lead to removal from the event and the event result.

Amelia McGuiness NSW Junior Moguls Series is now open!

  • Resort: Thredbo
  • Event Date: Sunday 29th of July 2018
  • Cost: $58 per entry
  • Payment & Waivers Due: Friday 27th of July 2018 via the Online Entry Tax Invoice.

This event is part of the NSW Junior Series that is held in Thredbo and Perisher each year. The event provides a great training opportunity for skiers who would like to improve their Interschools mogul skiing, while supporting our emerging athletes. The course is slightly more difficult than a standard Interschools course and is built with two jumps. On-course coaching will be available on the day for any participant who pre-registers. The event is open to anyone who has confidently competed at an Interschools mogul event previously.

The Amelia McGuiness Alpine and Snowboard and XC will open 30th of July.

For more information click here 

The Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation Participation Award

The Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation is excited to announce the inaugural Amelia McGuiness Foundation Participation Trophy.

The Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation Participation Trophy will be awarded to the Primary School and Secondary School with the highest overall entries across all three Amelia McGuiness Foundation Events.

The criteria for the AMASDF Award is as follows:

  • One award will be awarded to a Primary School and a Secondary School
  • To be eligible for this award, schools must participate in all three events being;
  1. Amelia McGuiness NSW Junior Moguls Series
  2. Amelia McGuiness Cross Country Sprints
  3. Amelia McGuiness Alpine & Snowboard GS Time Trial – The two disciplines in this event is classified as the one event. Participants will not be counted twice for entering both Alpine and Snowboard GS.
  • The primary and secondary school with the most participant entries across all 3 events will be awarded as the overall winner.

The Amelia McGuiness Foundation Participation Trophy will be awarded with the Primary and Secondary NSW State Interschools Championship Trophy.

The Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation would like to thank schools and participants for their ongoing support.

Risk Management

The Risk Assessments for our events have been updated on the website, Click Here to view the Assessments and the NSW Interschoools Risk Management Policy.

Interschools Handbook 2018

The Interschools Handbook has been updated for 2018. The handbook includes helpful information on what to expect at Interschools events, and information for school coordinators, volunteers, team managers and parents. 

There are some important updates that we would like to highlight for 2018:

  • Race entry fees are $47 per race, per competitor at each Championships. The annual once-only registration fee remains at $30 per participant and is invoiced and paid at the Regional Championships. For individuals that compete for the first time in the season at the NSW State Championships (in cross country, slopestyle for example), the school will be invoiced for their registration fees after the event.

  • Volunteer Course Officials must be 19 years or older. Birth dates are now verified on the volunteer waiver form.