Travelplan Ski Northern NSW & QLD Interschools Snowsports Championships

Course Officials Roster

CLICK HERE for the Course Officials Roster for the Northern NSW & QLD Interschools Championships. For volunteers on the evening events, you can collect a day ticket at anytime from 8.00am each day in the Interschools Race Room in the Perisher Skitube Terminal.

We are still looking for more volunteers! If you can fulfill any duty with an * on the roster, please get in touch. If you have any questions or queries on the roster, please contact Wendy on 0422 240 483 or

Race Bib Collection - Northern NSW & QLD Champs

Race Bib Collection is from 8am - 5.30pm each day in the Interschools Race Office in the Perisher Skitube Terminal.

Race bibs can only be collected as a whole from the school coordinator or their representative. Race Bibs will only be given to schools that have completed all participant and volunteer waivers, have registered all volunteers, and have made their payment. 

Start Lists

The Start Lists for the SSA Northern States Interschools Championships are available HERE 

Volunteer Information - Perisher

Course Officials Guidelines

It is very important that Volunteers understand the various Course Officials positions undertaken at Interschools events before they volunteer. We recommend that all Volunteers read the Course Official Guidelines and/or attend a Course Official Briefing.


Volunteer Check In

All Volunteers must check in before making their way to the top of the course for the course inspection time. Volunteer Check In is in the Interschools Race Office in the Perisher Skitube Terminal ONLY except for the Cross Country, which will be at the Nordic Shelter. If you are on the roster for an event in Blue Cow or Guthega, you must check in, in Perisher first. Please check in in enough time to be on your course just before course inspection time.


What happens on the day if I cannot Volunteer?

In the event that you cannot fulfil your volunteer course official’s position your school must provide a replacement for you to fulfil your role. Failure to do so may result in a fine and sanctions on the school.


Volunteer Course Officials Lift Tickets

Volunteers are entitled to a free of charge lift ticket on the day they are volunteering.  This lift ticket can only be used by the Course Official if they do not already have a lift pass or season pass. Course Official lift tickets can be collected at the Race Office at the Perisher Skitube terminal. If you are travelling from Bullocks Flat, you can collect a train ticket from a Perisher Staff Member, and then your full day lift ticket in the Perisher Skitube terminal.


How long do I Volunteer for?

Volunteers are required to be on course 10 minutes before the course inspection time until all competitors on the course have finished their race. It is difficult to estimate how long a course takes to complete as it is determined by the number of competitors on the course, snow conditions, etc but it can take anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours.


Volunteer Tips

Please be prepared for all weather conditions when you are volunteering on our courses and make sure you have clothing options for all conditions!

Gate keepers can be the most exposed to the elements and will be standing or sitting down for the duration of the course. You will be required to write notes in this position so please bring either inner gloves or similar that you can write with.


For any enquires in regards to volunteering, please contact Wendy on 0422 240 483 or

Perisher Interschools Competitor & Team Manager Lift Tickets

Interschools Competitors 15 to 18 years and Team Managers are entitled to discounted lift tickets at Perisher on the day they are competing/are a team manager. 

Lift tickets can be purchased online. Load your tickets onto a Perisher Card or pick up their Perisher Card from any Perisher Ticket office. 

Click Here to purchase the competitor and team manager tickets online.

Competitor tickets for students 5 to 14 years are available here.

Part Day / Twilight tickets are available from 2pm and valid into the night.  Child $56  / Adult $97


How to purchase Competitor and Team Manager Tickets at the Event

Competitors and Team Managers who do not order tickets online can purchase tickets from the Bullocks Flat Ticket Office from 7.00am and Perisher Valley Ticket Office from 7.30am on the day of the event only.  For Team Managers to receive a discounted lift ticket, their name must be assigned to the team/individual they are looking after when entries are completed in the online entry system. 


Event Photos

We have partnered with to take event photos at all the Interschools Championships hosted in NSW.

To view and purchase photos from the season events, go to, username is snow and the password is 2019.

SMS Event Updates

Event information updates will be sent to coordinators, via SMS, when required. If you are not a school coordinator but wish to receive these updates during the Interschools Snowsports Championships, you can subscribe to the alerts via SMS:

Text nswis to 0447100275 to subscribe and

Text stop nswis to 0447100275 to unsubscribe

Competitor and Team Manager Changes

Competitor Changes:

As per Rule 2.10: No changes to the names or order of competitors will be accepted after the entry closing date. Substitutions may be considered on account only on illness or injury, medical certificates may be requested. Any changes must be submitted by a School Coordinator or their delegate through the official ‘Change of Competitor Form’ by 3.00pm the day before the event. Changes are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the NSW Interschools Committee. Changes to teams will be restricted to direct team member substitutions only. Team changes can only be made to competitors who are already entered in other disciplines at the Championships. Original race bibs must be worn when team changes have been made, except in cases when competitors were not originally entered into the discipline. If a competitor fails to race in their correct race bib after a team change, rule 2.12 will apply.

Team Managers Changes:

Team Managers changes are no longer accepted by NSW Interschools.

Results at Interschools

Live Timing is available at while the course is running. You can also download the Snowracer App, which features live timing. PLEASE NOTE that times specified by the electronic clocks and live timing are indicative only, and do not represent the actual times in all circumstances. 

Official Interschools results will be published HERE after the daily presentations.

You can also search results by Participant Name, SnowID, and Event in the Interschools Results Archive

NSW Interschools Policies and Information Documents